Gun Culture: Why Do Women Need A Gun in 2022?

Gun Culture: Why Do Women Need A Gun in 2022?

When far-left protestors think of the term “gun owner,” they imagine pictures of angry, full bearded, racist white tattooed guys. That’s so far from the truth, that it is laughable. 

Especially because you and I already know the truth is, that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible, law-abiding, and respectful individuals. We own firearms for private reasons, and never to become “aggressors” by any sense of the word.

And it doesn’t matter what we look like… in fact, it doesn’t even matter what gender we are or ethnicity we are.

That said, the unfortunate truth to date is that the vast majority of women in America are still not protecting themselves by owning a firearm for personal protection. And clearly, this is an issue that needs to be cleared up.

And while too many naive citizens preach about how women don’t need to own a gun, here’s some clear evidence that points to the contrary.

Studies show that women are increasingly arming themselves for self-defense... yet, they’re not doing it as often as they should.

There is no need for arguments here. 

According to the Global Report on Trafficking in Persons of 2018; among the total human trafficking victims detected globally, 49% are adult women. And we all know women are also a target of issues like kidnapping, assault, rape, and harassment. (We’ll talk about that in a minute.)

You can turn on the news and see the rapid increase of victimization and tragic stories about violence towards women... plus, the "Me Too" movement was not just for celebrities. It was started for good reason. It was started because sexual harassment has happened to almost every woman across the globe, and it’s something more and more women are becoming well aware of…

And finally, they’re starting to do something to prevent that stuff from happening ever again.

Many middle-aged women today were raised to believe that men are stronger... and as middle-aged women transition to a career and family oriented life, many assume that the men will protect women from real physical danger.

But that’s not realistic. 

Have we forgotten that most sexual assaults can occur at any day, at any time, and almost anywhere? Just look at how many sexual assaults have occurred at college campuses all over the nation… when innocent women least expected it.

So how can women physically protect themselves without a “knight in shining armor” around 24/7? How can women feel safe in any neighborhood, like they should, especially when they randomly encounter an aggressive addict from around the corner... who seemingly begins stalking them - and their neighbors - even in plain daylight? 

And here’s a trick question: what would we suggest, in these cases, is the strongest weapon available for protection in the worst case scenarios here; a taser, pepper spray, or a gun?

If a woman can protect herself, then she can protect her children too. She won’t be “dependent” on any man either. And she’ll be more confident for it in the long run.

The cold truth is that, if you are prepared to protect yourself, then it is less likely you will be attacked. This has been proven in crime statistics around the entire country.

Obviously women are particularly vulnerable in crime-prone cities, because aggressive criminals often view them as “soft targets.”

Finally, here’s two examples to drive the point home:

Example 1:

Let's take it from the 46-yr old pharmacist Lola who carries a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm gun on her bra. (Her pistol is one inch.) Luckily for her, she can carry it in her home state of Florida because it is legal. She was encouraged by her husband, Frank, to learn how to use a gun for self-defense. She says having a gun alone won't save your life, but at least it allows you to have an equal ground with any assailant at any time. The truth be told, it is an equalizer in situations of random robberies, potential rapes, and violence.

Example 2:

After a woman we’ll call “Sienna” was attacked by her husband in front of their child, she regretted not having a gun at home. It appears that after their marriage, her husband has been addicted to drugs and suffered severely with mental health problems. She called 911 and was bleeding to death by the time the police came to rescue. Will the scenario change if she had a gun to protect herself? It is yes without a doubt.

These stories are based upon mere facts. These are all realistic scenarios that occur every single day across our great country. The key point here is that, by nature, men are physically stronger than women… but that's obvious. The great news is, women who responsibly own firearms are now feeling safer and more secure than ever. And for good reason.

And overall... it doesn’t matter our gender, race, or social status. A legal firearm clearly gives any woman an equal “fight” when it comes to survival, self-protection, and the security of family.  

For women, having a gun could even make the potential difference between life and death.

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