Why Guns Are Necessary - Especially In 2022

Why Guns Are Necessary - Especially In 2022

Gun control is a hot and divisive topic among our nation in recent years. No doubt about that.

Judging by the way things are right now, there will be an ongoing and long debate on when it should be legal or illegal to carry firearms more openly. Then, there’s the entire “moral argument” of gun ownership as well… but that’s another story for another time.

The question that law-abiding citizens like us need to ponder right now, “what are the real reasons most law-abiding citizens like you and I really need to own a gun… especially in 2022 and beyond?”

Because, even if you and I are comfortable and responsible with our own firearms, not everybody would agree.

Let’s break down our arguments into pure logic below.


Whether you like it or not, we live in a potentially dangerous world. (now, more than ever really) 

We can’t always trust our neighbors as much as before, and we can’t trust everyone we work with either. The fact that fraud, violence, and civil unrest is prevalent around us means that virtually anybody could become a victim of robbery, assault, identity theft, or rape. 

While we cannot predict when and how other people might attempt to harm us, it is better to go out into the world prepared… especially for our own security, well-being and for our family’s sake! Even in the worst case scenario of a home-invasion, you can easily intimidate the aggressor with your own firearm - or if the worst case happens, you can save yourself and your family by pulling the trigger.

Hobby or Hunting

Owning a gun doesn’t always mean you’re ready to shoot the bad guy. Far from it. 

Some law-abiding citizens love to collect guns just as much someone loves to collect coins, baseball cards, or even Hot Wheels! Moreover, there are hunter-friendly states such as Alaska, Montana, and Idaho, a lot more… and it’s obvious why that is. Hunting is an important part of culture and sport. It offers a fundamental method of bonding, getting in touch with nature, challenging ourselves, and so much more.

Opportunity To Educate People

Owning a firearm allows you to educate other people about what responsible gun ownership really is! 

You can teach them about the dos and don’ts of acquiring and using a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. You can discuss the importance of understanding our right to bear arms as a crucial form of exercising freedoms in our country. 

It is the best time to teach the younger generation on how to safely handle a firearm, and for us to lead by example! In this case, we also do our part to portray the importance of using a firearm to prevent violence, protect ourselves amongst riots, and even stop mass shootings before they happen.

Heritage and Legacy

This is the perfect material legacy you can leave for your children, grandchildren, and other members of the family. Passing the torch to the next generation doesn’t mean you’re encouraging violence by any means... in fact, it’s nowhere near it! 

Some guns were never used, and gave sentimental value to the owner and its predecessors. It is a sign that a person who previously owned it will protect his/her family at all costs, and it is a great value to instill in younger generations.

The right to own a firearm!

Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast or owning it for self-defense, you have the legal right for gun possession. So do I. 

As long as we all own firearms legally and safely, then we should be proud to exercise the right to do so! 

Several irresponsible gun owners tarnish the viewpoint of us law-abiding citizens, and obviously the media blows these issues out of proportion. That said, it’s our responsibility to become a role model for the youth, set an example to society, and our own children, to show that we will not tolerate violence or attempts at violence when it comes to protecting our families, our property, and our-wellbeing.

Whether you like it or not, owning a gun makes a person safer and secure. It makes them feel more in-control when times are their scariest. There is nothing wrong with the weapon, whether it is a shotgun, utility blade, .45 cal pistol, or anything in between… in reality, it’s all about the attitude of the person possessing it!

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